• zipper-chains

    • Woven Construction Coil is woven into the tape rather than attached by a sowing thread. With no exposed thread to abrade, a major cause of zipper failure is eliminated.
    • Self-Healing Coils In the event that coils split or separate, they are self-repaired by simply moving the slider the full length of the zipper once in each direction to restore normal functioning. A distinct advantage over metal-scoop zippers
    • 100% Polyester Heat set for stability, and consistent performance. Durable, yet soft and supple. Sews flat. Conforms to your product contours.
    • Cloth Binder Seal Stay strong and flexible. Won't get brittle and break like plastic laminates. Rounded corners for chafe protection and comfort. Color harmonized for improved appearance.
    • Low Profile, Lightweight, Strong, Colorful.
    Pricing depends on quantity purchased Minimum quantity is one roll (black) Sliders can be purchased in any quantity Special orders will be accepted Please advise of quantity so that we might quote.

  • smpstandardslider

    Standard Slider available in several sizes and colors.

    Please contact for your zipper slider needs